How Left Wing Complacency Allows Right Wing Bigotry To Flourish.

First off let me make it exceptionally clear I don’t think the left’s rhetoric ALONE is enough to push someone to become a far right bigot.

Think about it for a second: if you’re a person who isn’t inherently hateful and can think for yourself, while you may take issue with being wrongly labelled a bigot unless you somewhat agree with the rhetoric on the far right the chances of you becoming exactly what you’ve been labelled are slim.

It’s the ‘if you label me a sexist racist bigot I’ll have no choice but to become one’ argument that I take fault with. At most you’ll align yourself with centrists and liberal minded people calling out the regressive left in their misplaced attacks. However that’s not the full picture.

However where the left fails to capture those sitting on the fence or those already far gone is exactly where the right excells: winning debates, freely discussing topics considered politically incorrect, managing to remain calm for a favorable public image, giving endless resources and time to teach about their views. Continue reading “How Left Wing Complacency Allows Right Wing Bigotry To Flourish.”