‘Social Justice’ Became a Cult – So I Left

zg0l6jlp8jjy I entered left wing politics in 2014 after taking Sociology in high school. I saw a lot of the issues I felt were important in society but weren’t being spoken about in the mainstream represented with nuance by left wing speakers and activists. To start I saw most had the best intentions.

However I quickly began to become extreme in my views. It was a natural reaction to seeing injustice and the passion that comes from wanting to fix it; but certainly an over reaction. Attacking the individuals that were part of supposed ‘privileged’ groups, rather than systemic issues or people of power at fault in society.

I locked myself off from opposing viewpoints and kept myself in a bubble that only made my confirmation bias strengthen. When you only see a certain selection of hand picked news articles and stories about hate crimes on your feed from a selection of ideologically similar people this tends to happen. I did eventually simmer down after my inital misplaced enthusiasm but I was still staunchly left wing.

Just before 2016 I started a social justice page on Facebook as a way to amplify my voice on issues that I felt were important and needed coverage the mainstream media were not giving.

I certainly had my concerns with the dogma of left wing politics early on and how academic language was being abused but for the most part I could rationalize this and convince myself it was only a small subset of passionate activists who had taken things too far. Continue reading “‘Social Justice’ Became a Cult – So I Left”